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This December Only

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"Before trying the Perfect Pendant Package, I was paying retail price for lower quality pendants. Since copping a few, I've stacked my glass collection with the most dope glass pendants I've ever owned. Every glass collectors must-have for top quality wearable glass artwork."

- Anna M.

Keep compliments flowing in! A little background...

Just one of our glass pendants can take days or even weeks to make one single piece! That's how difficult, time-consuming, and expensive the process of melting raw glass with high-temperature flames, and other tools is, when they're made by expert artists. We've been working with over 400+ of the most talented Glass Pendant artists in the USA for nearly 20-years.

There's no other shops that are dedicated 100% to making the best heady glass pendants around. We literally don't sell a single other product. Which allows us to put all of our focus into these pendants. That's how we're able to offer an unbeatable deal like the Perfect Pendant Package.

To be able to offer the best glass pendants in the world to you - we make each piece with love and care. Then prepare it, so it's ready to ship right when you purchase. Imagine buying a Mona Lisa before Leonardo da Vinci was recognized as one of the best artists in the modern day. Odds are your pendant will one day be worth more than what you buy it from here today.

In-fact, the value of glass art has been rising in value almost every single year for the past 30-years. Meaning if you purchased a pendant from one of our artists even a few years ago, you could likely go sell it for 2X the price you bought it for then.

And what's the best part about a Glass Pendant? You can treat it like a painting on the wall to decorate your home, or you can wear it out on-the-go anywhere! Demand respect, and peak the curiosity in wandering minds. These pendants are a conversation starter no matter what setting.

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Don't settle for less. We have the best Glass Pendants online. Guaranteed!

Most headshops cater to cheap tobacco accessories, and even if they carry heady glass it's focused on functional work. We noticed there was no great way to purchase a heady glass pendant. That's how Glass Pendant was born, we have the best Glass Pendant selection in the entire USA, and we only work with the top artists who have at least 10+ years of experience.

Recently, we dropped our best offer ever. Typically, you'd have to pay several hundreds or thousands of dollars to get these same pendants. We're making them available to you for 50% OFF or more inside the Perfect Pendant Package. There's a limited-supply available this holiday season only.

Plus we're tossing in a FREE bonus pendant with each order if you make your purchase this month. Each order comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if this isn't the best pendant purchase you've ever made, just send it back for a replacement.

Our promise your guarantee: We're making this risk-free offer a no-brainer, so you can experience the uniqueness of what it means to own a legit top-shelf heady glass pendant AND AVOID:

  • Low-tier glass from local shops
  • Beginner artists with little experience
  • Thin fragile glass
  • Waiting months for customs
  • Looks cheap and tacky

Perfect Pendant Package Features

This isn't just any pendant. It's the 'Perfect' Glass Pendant. It's not made for you to like, it's made for you to love. That's why we go above & beyond your typical artists and headshops to provide you with an experience that will make you a customer for life, and you'll rave to your friends about.

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From $250 up to $1,000 Value

Where else can you get 4X your moneys worth? Even the lowest value pendants packed inside these boxes will drop your jaw, and make you crave coming back for more. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You're not absolutely thrilled and in love with your pendant? No worries, send it back to us and we'll replace it with a pendant you like. That's just how we roll.

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Expert Artists with 10-Years-30-Years of Experience

The minimum requirement to work with us is for an artist to have 10-years of experience. Many of them have a lot more. It's simply what it takes to create the best wearable art.

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Comes Ready With Chain & Extra Bonus Pendant

Throw on your new pendant as soon as you open your shipment with a chain for you to wear right away included. Plus keep a peep for an extra bonus pendant. We love to put out a good surprise.

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Bomb-Proof Indestructible 3-Day Priority Shipping Included!

Amazon shipping is pretty fast right? What if I told you we can ship your heady glass pendant in just about the same time. Imagine that.

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Don't like it? Get 100% Replacement. No question!

Super Satisfaction Guarantee 

Not satisfied with your glass pendant? Return it within 30 days for a replacement. Your trust, our promise.



Brand New/Never Worn

Handmade in USA

World Famous Expert Artists

Satisfaction Guarantee

High Cost/Low Value

What our customers saying...

10,500+ Happy customers

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Why Buy an Average Pendant, When You Can Wear Top-Shelf Glass for an Unbeatable Price?

Most shops have a lame over-priced pendant selection that sit on a small side-display case, and artists take forever to make customs. Don't wait months just to settle for lower quality and less value. Experience what it feels like to wear real top-shelf quality heady glass, only with the Perfect Pendant Package.


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